We All Need a Little Adventure

Sunsets, Dream Catchers and Fairy Tales

ImageA friend recently introduced me to this band called Balance & Composure. The more I listen to them the more I find myself relating to not only their lyrics, but the feel of their music. Their name resonates with their sound so perfectly and got me thinking. Our lives really are comprised of balance and composure. Balancing our priorities, our relationships and our emotions all while trying our best to keep our composure. Maybe I’m reading into them all wrong, but it’s a thought worth exploring so I’m gonna go with it.

Recently, I lost my balance. I’ve been way too focused on people’s perceptions, and less focused on my own. I tend to go through this cycle where I play the tough girl who can handle almost anything that gets thrown her way and end up reverting back to the one needing affirmation that her worth is still present…

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i love it

Smells Like Teen Angst

I watched your lips move
Clinging to each word
As if we would never have
Another moment together
I pressed my fingers
Into the palm of your hand
And studied the lines of your life
That hopefully lead to mine
I felt your stare
Concentrating on the way 
You made me feel 
Like no one ever had
I closed my eyes
Pretending you were there
And remembered how it was
To belong

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